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Launching your first Eucalyptus Cloud Instance – CLI

In this video we will demonstrate the minimal tasks required to launch your first Eucalyptus Cloud Instance via the command line. This is the next step from the previous post where we installed Eucalyptus 3.1 using SilverEye.

Note: This video assumes the Eucalyptus Cloud was installed using SilverEye. If your cloud was installed using another method, please review the Eucalyptus Documentation.

Launching your first Instance (4 mins)


Commands used in the video:

  • # euca-describe-availability-zones verbose
  • # euca-authorize -P tcp -p 22 -s default
  • # euca-describe-images
  • # euca-run-instances emi-12345 -k admin
  • # euca-describe-instances
  • # watch -n5 euca-describe-instances
  • # ssh -i ~/credentials/admin/admin.private root@
  • # euca-terminate-instances i-54321

One Response to Launching your first Eucalyptus Cloud Instance – CLI

  1. dhruv rathod says:

    in your “Launching your first Instance”, :

    when i command,
    ssh -i ~/credentials/admin/admin.private root@
    root@‘s password :__________________

    they asking for newly created instance password????????
    i am using cloud-in-a-box and use default images given by eucalyptus.

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