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Install Eucalyptus 3.1 using SilverEye in our virtualized sandbox lab

IaaS cloud computing software is very complex and usually requires many resources like multiple servers, it’s own network and storage. With the virtual sandbox lab, we built in the previous post, we can remove all of the hardware requirements and install Eucalyptus on a single system and not loose any functionality.

This is a great learning tool. We can build a complete Eucalyptus IaaS cloud, learn how to install Eucalyptus, practice cloud computing tasks, and how Eucalyptus might fit in your business. Since Eucalyptus is API compliant with Amazon AWS (EC2, S3, EBS and IAM) you can learn work with a hybrid cloud.

Let’s get started installing Eucalyptus in our sandbox.

Note: This configuration is only supported by our awesome community.

First we need to download the Eucalyptus SilverEye installer ISO: and save it on the lab machine. This ISO is all we will need to build the complete Eucalyptus cloud.


  • Hostname: nc.vlab.local
  • IP:
  • Netmask:
  • Gateway:
  • DNS:,


  • Hostname: clc.vlab.local
  • IP:
  • Netmask:
  • Gateway:
  • DNS:,
  • Public IP Address Range:


Note: The video runs quickly, please pause as needed to review any input thats required.

Install Node Controller (6 mins)


Install Cloud Controller (6:30 mins)

6 Responses to Install Eucalyptus 3.1 using SilverEye in our virtualized sandbox lab

  1. Yohan says:

    Hi Paul,

    This is really good work.. Just wanted your permission to re-blog this on my site.. I’ll be doing the complete setup in a much similar way as you have done, but directly on physical servers…
    I’ll provide all due credits and links to your site as well..

    Thanks alot.

  2. André says:

    I’m trying to install on my PC. Do you know if will work on your notebook?
    Another thing, the password is requested during installation, can be anything?
    Once installed, the first execution of the operating system, it asks a question: Enable NTP and synchronize clock? Attractions: Yes or No?
    Thank you.

  3. faeze says:

    hi paul
    I installed nc & clc but in both of them after reboot instead of asking for configure network, it asked me if i want to skip configuring network, and I answerd no, but befor bringing the configure network step it asked for enabling ntp and it took a long time and didn’t sync. the system didn’t ask me but I configured in both nc and clc, network and ntp manually after booting system but i don’t know how i could give the system IP reng and see availability zone and i don’t know why the steps that are shown in the film don’t come for me? pleas guide me as soon as possible, i have a very limited time to operate it and show it to my proffessor. thanks in advance

    • Paul Weiss says:

      Hi faeze,

      I’m not sure of your problem. Are you installing a cloud-in-a-box on a single virtual machine in VMware Workstation?

      Does what you installed have Internet access?


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